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Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)

As a result of questions posed at the CBRNE MSC Kick-Off session, the Government Team has put together information for the CBRNE MSC contractors regarding the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP), the actions that can be taken to “pre-position” those who may not have had a PRP in place at the time of CBRNE MSC award, and contract language governing the Chemical PRP (CPRP) and the Biological PRP (BPRP) programs.  

The attached briefing charts set forth the actions that are required in the establishment of a PRP.  The charts identify what a contractor can do to pre-position themselves for future competitions involving PRP requirements, as well as what must wait until the task is awarded. 

The second attachment is a memorandum which sets forth the training requirements for employees to be certified into the CPRP or BPRP, as well as those currently certified in either program.  The memorandum outlines specific training requirements and frequency. 

The final attachment represents contract language.  Paragraph 1 is dependent upon whether the program is for CPRP or BPRP, but the remainder of the language is identical for either program.  This contract language should be a part of the Task Order Section C Statement of Work, Performance Work Statement, or Statement of Objectives for the effort requiring the use of PRP certified personnel.

This information is provided as a service only.  Costs associated with pre-positioning are at the contractor’s expense.


ECBC On-Site Contractor Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)

Memorandum: Required Training for Employees in the Chemical or Biological Personnel Reliability Programs (CPRP or BPRP)

PRP Contract/Task Order Language