ECBC Business Services Office (BSO)


Requirements ID

The CBRNE MSC covers three support areas: engineering, research & technology, and program integration.  Engineering support is limited to the unrestricted suite of contractors.


Acquisition Program and Engineering Support

Activities include:

  • life cycle systems engineering
  • product integration
  • computer aided engineering design and analysis, fabrication, drawing and acquisition/sustainment documentation, product installation
  • product engineering
  • product assessment
  • test planning, test execution, environmental and field testing, product verification
  • acquisition logistics support
  • technical manuals, maintenance planning

Support includes:

  • cost estimating, equipment installation, chemical and agent monitoring, chemical demilitarization, quality assurance, modeling and simulation, risk assessment, closure studies, training, and support of safety and medical programs 
  • design, fabrication, installation, modification, and conduct validation tests of large-scale test capabilities and facilities
  • limited production prototyping


Research & Technology Support

Activities include:

  • research, development, analysis, and experimentation
  • program management in both laboratory and non-laboratory environments 

Contract support is required in the following areas:

  • biosciences
  • chemical and biological (CB) detection
  • CB information systems technology
  • CB protection and decontamination sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • toxicology
  • aerosol science
  • obscurants
  • veterinary care


Program and Integration Support

Activities include:

  • management, safety, security, surety, health, and environmental support
  • program management in both laboratory and non-laboratory environments
  • perform risk analyses
  • prepare environmental documentation
  • prepare, review, or process standing operating procedures
  • conduct inspections
  • organize and facilitate meetings, special studies, test plans and reports
  • draft documents, public release articles, and reports