ECBC Business Services Office (BSO)


Suite Recommendations

When selecting the appropriate suite for a requirement to be placed under the CBRNE MSC, a number of different factors, or criteria, are considered.  The ECBC Business Services Office will initially perform this review and evaluation, to include a consultation with the customer, and will then submit a recommendation to the RDECOM Contracting Center, where the contract specialist and contracting officer will perform a more in-depth review and evaluation and make the final suite determination.   The RDECOM Small Business Office and legal counsel may also be consulted during this process. 

The process begins with an analysis of the scope of the anticipated requirement.  This analysis considers, at a minimum, the following factors:

  1. Type of effort requested
  2. Follow on to existing effort
  3. Value of the effort 
  4. Technical complexity
  5. Risk 
  6. Procurement history
  7. Task order distribution among the two suites
  8. Workload Timing


For more information, please contact the CBRNE Business Services Office.