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Critical Core Capabilities

  1. CB Agent Spectroscopy/Algorithm Development: This capability includes critical research associated with detection of chemical and biological materials from a distance. 
  1. Inhalation Toxicology: Extensive scientific expertise, equipment and unique facilities to evaluate the toxicological impact of chemical agents and toxins on animals in highly controlled/instrumented conditions. 
  1. Aerosol Physics: Scientific knowledge equipment and facilities are used to apply aerosol physics concepts to the development of predictive models for in-depth understanding of bacteria and virus particles.
  1. Filtration Sciences: Scientific capabilities and research are applied to determine more efficient methods to protect from toxic airborne respiratory hazards.
  1. OPCW Laboratory: ECBC is designated under the Chemical Warfare Convention’s (CWC) Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as a designated laboratory to accurately and predictably identify chemical compounds prohibited by the CWC. 
  1. Emerging Threats Science/Technology & Testing: Critical expertise and facilities to safely research emerging toxic threats, including synthesis, toxicity, properties (chemical/physical), persistence, decontamination and environmental fate.
  1. Single Small-Scale Facility: ECBC maintains the only declared facility under the CWC where chemical compounds regulated by the treaty can be produced for protective purposes.
  1. CB Agent Handling and Surety: Expert level safety, industrial hygiene, security, surety and environmental protection professionals focused on maintaining ECBC’s critical national core competency to safely handle the world’s most toxic chemical and biological materials.
  1. Chemical Munitions Field Operations: Field deployable scientists, engineers, technicians and explosives specialists with chemical/biological agent surety expertise provide this unique capability for remediation of CB agent materials and other sensitive materials.
  1. Lifecycle CB Materiel Acquisition: ECBC drives technology transitions from research to engineering and development to production, fielding, and sustainment. 
  1. CB Concept Through Sustainment Solutions: Leveraging the latest technologies available throughout industry and the Government, ECBC can rapidly execute complex projects covering all interdisciplinary aspects of design, development and production to meet the diverse range of customer requirements across the CBRne community. 
  1. Full-Service CB Testing: ECBC retains the expertise and cutting edge infrastructure to test product performance in surety and non-surety environments.
  1. Chemistry and Bioscience of CB Warfare: Provide basic scientific understanding of chemistry and bioscience aspects of chemicals, toxins and biological organisms that may have potential as biological or chemical warfare materials. 



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