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Environmental & Field Testing Team

Shock, Vibration & Rough Handling

Shock, Vibration & Rough Handling TestsEdgewood Chemical Biological Center’s (ECBC) Environmental and Field Testing Facilities consist of several buildings housing specialized test equipment to perform shock, vibration and rough handling tests on various military and commercial products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. A two-building setup provides remote control capabilities that allows for a greater range of test items to include munitions such as smoke and non-lethal riot control grenades. Simulated transportation test profiles for various modes of transportation are possible and include wheeled or track vehicles, and helicopters. Test items can be subjected to various temperature and humidity conditions during vibration simulations by utilizing two piggyback environmental chambers that provide a cost effective way to expose test items to most global transportation scenarios. Packaging Tests are performed to ASTM D4169, Distribution Cycle 18. ECBC’s personnel use Agilent VEE Pro© Graphical Instrumentation Programmer and Data Acquisition equipment to develop specialized test setups, capture required data, and document test results with photos and video tapes to enable identification of design defects early to ensure robust designs and reliable products.



  • Perform Secured Steady State or Transient Vibration in various modes including Sine, Random, Random on Random, and Sine on Random
  • Perform Loose Cargo Transportation Vibration
  • Perform Shock Tests - including Functional Shocks, Transit Drops,
  • Crash Hazard, Bench Handling, and Rail Impact
  • Perform Packaging Tests
  • Develop specialized test setups
  • Develop computerized analog & digital data acquisition and control
  • Video taping for test documentation
  • Temperature conditioning of test items


  • Unholtz Dickie Vibration System
  • Ling Dynamics Vibration System
  • Unholtz Dickie VWIN II 16 Channel
  • Vibration Control Systems
  • Loose Cargo Transportation Simulator
  • 40-foot, 6-foot & 5-foot Drop Testers
  • Compression Tester
  • Side Impact Tester
  • HP3852, HP34970A, HP34980A, & Fluke Hydra data acquisition systems with various sensors


  • American Society for Testing of Materials Test Standards
  • Military, Federal and Commercial Test Standard



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