ECBC is committed to providing a comprehensive benefits package that offers the security and sense of well being you and your family deserve. The following is a summary of those benefits and another excellent reason for exploring career opportunities with ECBC.


  • Holidays: As a Federal employee, you will receive 10 paid Federal holidays per year.
  • Annual Leave: Annual leave is based on years of service and increases through accrual.
    • 13 days per year for up to 3 years of service
    • 19 days per year for more than 3, but less than 15 years of service
    • 26 days per year for 15 years or more of service
  • Sick Leave: Regardless of the length of service, employees gain 13 days of sick leave each year. Sick leave protects employees from loss of salary due to extended illness.
  • Optional compressed work schedule: ECBC employees may request to participate in the Compressed Work Schedule Program. If approved, you will receive a 3-day weekend every other week, PLUS flextime!


  • Employees can enroll in one of a variety of health plans. Regardless of the plan selected, employees and the government contribute to the plan.


  • In addition to competitive salaries, ECBC Federal employees receive an additional locality pay adjustment for residing in the greater Washington, DC/Baltimore area.
  • Retirement programs:
    • The Federal Employees Retirement System is a three-part retirement plan that includes social security, an annuity based on earnings and length of service, and the Thrift Savings Plan.
    • Federal employees may make tax-deferred contributions to their Thrift Savings Plan account, investing up to 13% of their pre-tax salary with an annual cap of $11K. Employees also can invest in one of five funds through the plan. Regardless of the plan you choose, the Federal government will contribute a designated amount to the account.

Training Opportunities

  • ECBC employees are encouraged to participate in training and educational opportunities offered through the Center

Extra Perks

  • Day care center is conveniently located near ECBC
  • Jogging trails/outdoor swimming, hunting and fishing
  • Rural location on the scenic Chesapeake Bay
  • Gymnasium facilities
  • Golfing