Employment Opportunities


US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command,

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


The programs listed below provide optimal learning opportunities through co-op and student temporary employment programs which allow students to gain hands-on experience and training. These programs enable students to earn a salary while continuing their studies. Also, participation in the programs MAY qualify students for a permanent appointment to civilian position in the Army.
ECBC participates in a number of Student Educational Employment Programs, offering year-round employment and valuable work experience:

 (Note: For permanent employment jobs, visit www.usajobs.gov and www.cpol.army.mil.)

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) – STEP provides maximum flexibility to both students and managers because the nature of the work does not have to be related to the student's academic or career goals. Highlights:

  • Temporary employment throughout the school year
  • Summer opportunities
  • Excellent opportunity for employer and prospective full time employee to get to know each other
  • Excellent introduction into science, engineering, or business professions for students undecided on field of study or career path
  • Students beginning work as a STEP and demonstrating sound working skills and practices MAY continue on into the SCEP program

Students MUST be a U.S. citizen, 16 years of age or older, eligible to receive and hold a security clearance, must be enrolled in school and must have a signed agreement between ECBC and the student’s educational institution.
For more information see www.opm.gov/employ/students/intro.asp

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) – Functioning as a traditional co-op program, SCEP allows a student to work during specified periods dictated in a written agreement between the work agency, school, and student. Upon graduation, the student may be converted into a career or career-conditional appointment related to the school and work study experience. 
For more information see www.opm.gov/employ/students/intro.asp


Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP)
For graduating students or recent graduates, this is a full time entry level position during which the employee receives on-the-job training and must satisfactorily meet all requirements of his/her training plan prior to non-competitive promotion to the full performance level of the position.

  • Subject to OPM qualifications;
  • There is no nominating process for the Career Intern Program - applicants apply directly to Federal agencies;
  • Initial appointments can be made at any grade level for which the agency has a formal training program in place; the intent of the program is an initial appointment at the GS 5, 7, 9 level;
  • May be appointed year round;
  • No limitation on promotion potential;
  • OPM does not serve as a clearinghouse of available training opportunities;
  • Requires a 2 year formal training and development program
  • Additional information can be found at  http://www.opm.gov/careerintern/




U.S. Government


The U. S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center is offering challenging
full-time civilian career opportunities with growth and advancement for college graduates with degrees in Engineering and Science.





U.S. military for the last 90 years.  Since 9/11, ECBC has answered the call for Homeland Defense and provided solutions in defense against chemical and biological terrorism to numerous federal and state government agencies, private organizations and businesses. 

We are a “hands on” organization and have some of the most advanced chemical/biological research facilities in the U.S.  The Center has numerous cooperative agreements with other U.S. federal agencies, industry and academia to augment our cadre of highly trained and experienced professionals. 

ECBC is located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, on the Chesapeake Bay in Harford County, Maryland, just north of Baltimore.  Our positions include training and development with a full performance level of GS-12 and starting salary ranging from approximately $34,075 to $54,032 commensurate with education, degree and GPA.  As an added incentive, engineers and scientists may be eligible for a recruiting bonus up to 25% of starting pay, and in some cases, a one-time accelerated promotion.

      These unique opportunities for professional development and advancement require U.S. citizenship and the ability of the applicant to qualify for a SECRET level security clearance.

Benefits include:
- 10 paid holidays and 13-26 days of vacation per year
- Individual/family sick leave policy – 13 days per year
- Choice of healthcare options with government cost share
- Supplemental retirement savings plan with government matching up to 5% per year
- Compressed work schedule – 3-day weekend every other week, PLUS Flextime!
- Tuition assistance, training and educational opportunities.



The Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer