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Photo: Homeland Defense Exercise SimulationECBC traces its background in homeland security to the national Domestic Preparedness Program, a Department of Defense initiative aimed at enhancing federal, state and local emergency response capabilities during incidents involving nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism. With a history of research and development dating back nearly a century, ECBC was tasked to spearhead the congressionally-mandated program, which would take form as an innovative train-the-trainer and exercise campaign reaching more than 28,000 first responders in 105 of the nation's largest communities.

Today, ECBC's Homeland Defense Business Unit builds upon the foundation of the Domestic Preparedness Program and continues to strengthen critical military, federal, state and local emergency response capabilities, including police, fire, hazardous materials, bomb squad and emergency medical services. These integrated programs address weapons of mass destruction (WMD) installation preparedness, improved response to WMD, and technical assistance for preparing for and protecting against such threats.

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Biological Incident Operations: A Guide for Law Enforcement
(PDF 934 KB)

Dispatcher's Guide for WMD Incidents
(PDF 286KB)


Mass Fatality Management Report
(February 2006)


Domestic Preparedness: Corn Oil Protection Factor (PF) Testing of Commercial Air-Purifying Negative Pressure Respirators with P-100 Filter Cartridges
(November 2003)

Test Results of Chemicover Dress
Level B Suit

(October 2003)

Domestic Preparedness Program Evaluation of the TravelIR HCI HazMat Chemical Identifier
(August 2003)

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