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Decontamination Equipment

There are a wide variety of equipment that is managed by ECBC. It includes all of the large area decontamination systems including the M12A1 Decontamination Apparatus, the M17A3 Lightweight Decontamination and a large series of new equipment. In addition to equipment, the site handles decontamination solutions and kits designed to provide personal protection.

On-going Work Efforts

  • Technical Expert and Configuration Manager for Army Fielded Decon items:
      M17 A3
    • M12A1 Diesel/Gas Versions Decon Apparatus
    • M17A3 and A/E32U-8 Decon Apparatus
    • M295 Decon Kit
    • M291 Decon Kit
    • DS2 Configurations
  • Surveillance (e.g., shelf life extension of Decon Kits)
  • Industrial Base Efforts (DMSMS, Obsolescence, etc.)
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Quality Assurance
  • M12 A1
  • Design/Development (e.g., M12 A1 Diesel upgrade)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Testing Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Direct Channel to ECBC's:
    • Emerging Technology
    • Efforts (R&T Directorate)
  • Strong teaming partnership with TACOM to provide full sustainment support.
  • OSCAR Program Developers (e.g, M291 Sorbent, M291 Trainer)

Alarms and Detection

A large variety of equipment developed by ECBC is used by ground forces to search out clean areas free of contamination, to search and locate contamination on personnel, equipment, structures, aircraft, vehicles and terrain. Specific equipment is also used by Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) reconnaissance personnel for surveillance for the detection of nerve and blister agent vapor hazards, and other agents that may be used by enemy forces. The equipment is designed in various configurations such as hand-held, vehicle mounted, and mounted for fixed site surveillance.


There are two basic areas of smoke for which we provide engineering guidance and support. They include the major smoke producing vehicles and equipment designed to provide wide area smoke coverage. These include the M56 and M58 Smoke Vehicles. In addition, engineering support is rendered for a large number of smoke munitions that include hand grenades (M8, M18, M83), Smoke Pots (M4A2, M5, and M8) and smoke artillery projectiles (M110A2 and M825A1).

Personal Protection

This group provides engineering guidance and support for all of the standard and developmental masks and personal protection equipment. The task includes all of the filters, equipment and parts that are necessary for the maintenance, testing and use of this vital equipment.

Collective Protection

This is a similar group that provides the engineering guidance and support for all of the large area filters and shelters that form the protection for the warfighter in a contaminated battlefield. The filters are also used to protect vital resources and large area accommodations.


Homeland Defense

Homeland Defense


ECBC Overview Video

ECBC Overview Video


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To locate an employee of ECBC or to obtain contact information for people who work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, please call 410-278-5201. An operator is available 24 hours per day.

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