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Hazardous Materials Containers (HMC)

Hazardous Material Containers are custom built containers that are used for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials. They are designed, manufactured, and certified tested by engineers of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center - Rock Island (ECBC-RI).

HMC Purpose

  • Confine HAZARDOUS and LETHAL chemicals and biological materials
  • Eliminate public health risk
  • Eliminate environmental contamination
  • Comply with HAZARDOUS waste regulations
  • Standardized containment system

Custom Designed Containers

HMC displayThe HMCs are custom designed and tested to meet the customers requirements using CAD. In the past, steel and stainless steel have been the material of choice, but other materials are available on request and depending on the final application. We work with the customer to determine the most economical approach to solve the user's needs.

Container Flexibility

Diameter: 5" - 30" (12.7 cm - 76.2 cm)
Length: 7" - 7' (17.78 cm - 2.1336 m)
Material: Carbon & Stainless Steel
Leak Integrity: 1x10-6 cc/he/sec/atm
Bolted Flange with O-Ring

HMC Tests

Explosion TestHMCs go through an extensive and demanding series of tests prior to being certified for use in the transportation and storage of hazardous materials. From a 40 foot drop test onto an non-yielding surface, to a rough terrain road transportability test, to air transportability tests at -35 F and 165 F, to United Nations Performance Oriented Packaging (POP) Tests. During and after each test all containers must maintain a extremely tight seal and be leak free.

Vibration TestVibration

  • High Frequency Aircraft
  • Low Frequency Ground Transport

Road TestRoad Transportability

  • 30 mile off-road
  • Rail Tie
  • Wash Board
  • Panic Stops

Air Transportability

  • -35 F Helicopter Test
  • 165 F Helicopter Test
  • -35 F Aircraft Test
  • 165 F Aircraft Test

UNPOP TestUnited Nations POP
(Performance Oriented Packaging)

  • Compression Test
  • Vibration Test
  • 6' Drop Test
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Leak Test

Drop TestOther

  • 40' Drop Test
  • Helium Leak Test (at 1x106 cc/he/atm/sec)
  • Hydrostatic Test (at 200 psi)

Capabilities and Advantages of Our Developing Team

ECBC Capabilities

  • Design Custom Containers Using CAD
  • Complete Program Management
  • Vendor Identification and Certification
  • Interface with Safety, DOT, ETC
  • Interface with Contractors and Production
  • Witness First Article Testing
  • Establish Quality Assurance Programs
  • Develop Documentation
  • New Container Development

ECBC Advantages

  • Experienced Engineering Staff
  • Testing and Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Standardized and Custom Design
  • Complete Program Management
  • Army's Sole Source for Chemical Containers
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Storage and Inventory Control



Mailing Address

1 Rock Island Arsenal
Rock Island, IL 61299


(309) 782-5404
DSN: 793-5404

Fax: (309) 782-1919
DSN: 793-1919

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