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Photo: Decontamination Exercise SimulationBuildings and fixed sites are potential targets for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction attacks. Addressing this ever-present threat, ECBC has more than 70 years experience in the development, testing, and application of collective protection systems. Moreover, the Center offers a "lifecycle" range of services that can provide varied levels of protection for any new or existing building or fixed site, all tailored to the customer's specific needs and resources. Recent building protection projects have involved applying collective protection to approximately 100 facilities in the United States and abroad. Ready to assist you, the Center provides the following services:

Application Assessments

Conduct surveys to determine the most effective approach for applying collective protection systems to existing buildings and new construction. Work includes the drafting and submission of a design concept for all or part of a facility.

Collective Protection Systems Certification for Military Clients

Test and inspect newly installed collective protection systems to ensure the installation provides its intended protective capability and can be operated and maintained by the users. Certification includes both functional and physical configuration verification.

Collective Protective Systems Testing

Test fixed and mobile collective protection systems to measure protective capabilities within a range of operating modes and conditions. Tests include the chemical simulant vapor challenge, tracer gas purge, fan pressurization, entry/exit capabilities, in-place leakage potential and others, as required.

Vulnerability Assessments

Conduct survey to determine vulnerability to chemical/biological attack and identify a variety of measures - physical security, mechanical, architectural and operational - to reduce vulnerability.

Design Support

Provide design analysis and expert consultation for hardware developers and A&E firms for the integration of collective protection systems.

Failure Analysis

Perform diagnostic tests and analyses to identify failure modes and corrective actions for protective systems.

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Prepare operating and maintenance manuals for both stand-alone systems as well as systems integrated with building HVAC systems. Develop and validate manuals providing operating, troubleshooting and maintenance instructions. For more information on these and other services please contact

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