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Photo: Decontamination Exercise SimulationECBC continues to serve as a leading authority in the development of a broad spectrum of decontaminants effective against numerous biological and chemical threat agents. ECBC designs and fields these technologies, ensuring they meet both military and civilian needs, are cost-effective and easily produced in the large quantities required for military/homeland defense.

Because ECBC understands each product must be effective, safe and reliable, Center staff carefully assesses all logistics associated with decontaminant deployment. For example, staff works to reduce/eliminate post-decontamination maintenance. They field products that minimize the need for extraneous resources such as water or external heating in cold weather conditions. In addition to their commitment to these special considerations, staff also works to research and advance technologies crafted to decontaminate sensitive equipment as well as investigate naturally occurring neutralizing agents. For more information on these and other services please contact engineering.directorate@apgea.army.mil.


















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Homeland Defense


ECBC Overview Video

ECBC Overview Video


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To locate an employee of ECBC or to obtain contact information for people who work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, please call 410-278-5201. An operator is available 24 hours per day.

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