An ECBC 100th Anniversary Feature

ECBC 100th Anniversary Golf Tournament Features Historical Trivia and Prizes for Skill

October 5th, 2017

Laura Starkey, ECBC biologist, poses ECBC history trivia questions to competitors at the ECBC 100th anniversary golf tournament at Exton Golf Course on Oct. 5.

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EECBC held a 100th anniversary golf tournament at Exton Golf Course Oct. 5 that included answering trivia questions about the Center’s history.

The trivia questions, supplied by RDECOM Command Historian Jeffery Smart, spanned ECBC’s 100-year history and ranged from the relatively easy: Who was the first commanding general of the Chemical Warfare Service? (Maj. Gen. William L. Sibert), to the very difficult: Between 1963 and 1967, newspapers contained articles concerning the use of chemical agents by the Egyptians in what country? (Yemen).

A part of Edgewood history itself, the nine-hole Exton Golf Course was built in 1924 and has seen many improvements since. It was named for Col. C.W. Exton, the commanding officer of Edgewood Arsenal from 1923 to 1927. In the 1920s, it was open to all Edgewood Arsenal officers and civilian employees and had about 60 members. It is now open to all members of the Aberdeen Proving Ground community and is widely used. The golf course was also used for chemical warfare defense training in its early years.

The 52 competitors enjoyed what was the last of the outdoor season of 100th anniversary events. The team of Chris Tarsi, Todd Nay, Andy Cote and Marty Sennett won first place with seven under par. The team of John Gieseking, Peggy Gieseking, Randy Conlon and Jeff Deel won second place with three under par. Elaine Neary, Chris Wright, Kathie Ashley and Ron Martin came in third at two under par. Awards for the longest drive went to Jack Bunja and Elaine Neary. Neary also won among the ladies for closest ball to the Hole 4 pin and the closest ball to the Hole 8 pin. The winners among the men were Dave Whitcraft and Rick Cox for closest ball to holes 4 and 8 respectively.

The next ECBC 100th anniversary event will be a celebration of Veterans Day on Nov.8 at the Stark Recreation Center. RDECOM Commanding General Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins, ECBC Acting Director Dr. Eric Moore and former RDECOM Commanding General Maj. Gen. (retired) John Doesburg are invited speakers.

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Women playing on the Exton Golf Course in 1936. The course was built in 1924.

Soldiers train on chemical agent protective measures on Exton Golf Course during World War II.

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Over the last 100 years the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center has been at the forefront of protecting our Warfighters and our Nation. In celebration of this we will we looking back throughout our history for interesting and captivating stories to share with the Nation.

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