Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration CBRN Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration CBRN Unmanned Ground VehiclesECBC Engineering conducts market research and trade off analysis to identify and acquire chemical and radiological detectors and unmanned robotics platforms to meet operational capability requirements.

ECBC Engineering configures integration packages consisting of detector hardware mounts and power/ data cables, command/control and display software and firmware, chemical aerosol collection system, temperature and humidity sensors and detector interfaces.



  • Provides capability to conduct remote CBRN reconnaissance in restricted terrain and hazardous environments
  • Stand-off assessment and detection (SSA/SSE)
  • Detects Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, gamma radiation, Volatile Organic Chemical Lower Exposure Limit and O2 levels



  • Robotic Platform: iRobot PackBot EOD
  • Multi RAE, LCD 3.2E, AN/UDR14 sensor and temperature/humidity sensor
  • Sorbent tube sampler sensor