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The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) produces multiple publications every year. These publications help inform and demonstrate ECBC's place as the principal research and development resource for non-medical chemical and biological (CB) defense.

Featured Publication

R&T Connection Fall Edition

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Read about ECBC's scientific workforce and their contributions through the academic community with employee spotlights, the National Research Council, and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education postdoctoral research programs.

Additionally, read about how ECBC leverages their innovative workforce to support the capabilities of the warfighter through the articles, ECBC Welcomes Boots in the Laboratory and R&T Scientists Enable Future Army Forces with New Technology.

Solutions / ECBC Annual Year in Review

Solutions is the ECBC Annual Report. It acts as a showcase for the year that was and seeks to demonstrate how ECBC will operate in the future.

Past Issues:

ECBC Newsletters

ECBC produces three specialized newsletters. These newsletters provide deeper insight into our workforce and the work they do for our nation.

Past Issues:

ECBC In-House Laboratory Independent
Research (ILIR) Program Annual Report

Proceedings of the ECBC In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) and Surface Science Initiative (SSI) Program Annual Report. The ECBC ILIR Program funds innovative basic research projects that are high-risk with high potential for fulfilling future Army capability needs.

Past Issues:

ECBC Fact Sheets

ECBC produces a number of facts sheets for various projects, buildings and capabilities. Below you will find the most recent ones.

Recent fact Sheets

IDEAS Annual Report

The IDEAS program allows ECBC to make internal investments into employee-developed defense solutions. The solutions are intended to push technology and advance transitions to support and defend the warfighter, while also inspiring employee innovation.

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