Solutions Newsletter - Q3 FY2019

Q3 FY2019

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Chemical Biological Center | Newsletter

CCDC Chemical Biological Center

News from the Field

Pueblo, Colorado

Our operators completed the destruction of 391 chemical munitions that were recovered at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD) or unfit for processing in the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant. This completion marks the end of the second destruction campaign using the Explosive Destruction System (EDS), a technology that uses cutting charges to explosively access chemical munitions, eliminating their explosive capacity before neutralizing the chemical agent. The team closed the EDS site at PCD at the end of January 2019. Read more here.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Our operators safely executed the first destruction operation for the Pine Bluff Explosive Destruction System. In partnership with the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Activity, we will execute a mission to destroy more than 7,100 Chemical Agent Identification Sets K-941 bottles, once used for training Soldiers in the safe identification and handling of chemical agent, four German Traktor Rockets and one 4.2-inch mortar that have been recovered at the arsenal.

Quantico, Virginia

Scientists, engineers and military personnel gathered for the Perceptive Dragon II integrated early warning demonstration to test the capabilities of the systems with the mission to deliver real-time information from a variety of sensors on the battlefield up the chain of command and back to warfighters common operating pictures. Read more here.