Analytical Capabilities

Analytical CapabilitiesECBC Engineering’s analyses in complex matrices include chemical agents and toxic industrial compounds. Testing of trace-level analytes in complex matrices is ISO 17025 accredited.



  • Chemical surety and non-surety agent analysis
  • Chemical compound rapid screening
  • Sampling and analytical method development
  • Near-real-time and offline analyses under challenging test conditions
  • Quality control procedures and systems



  • Liquid Chromatography + Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), GC, DFPD, automatic continuous environmental monitoring and a mass selective detector
  • Research grade Varian GC with four detectors
  • Gas, liquid and ion chromatographs, and mass spectrometers
  • 50 sample autosample
  • Sorbent sampling tubes and flame ionization detector
  • Thermal desorption system
  • Tenax TA 60/80 absorbent
  • Perkin Elmer automatic thermal desorption systems Perkin Elmer autosystem GC
  • Zebron ZB-1 capillary column
  • Parker-Hannifin nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators