Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Packaging Testing

ECBC Engineering’s hazardous and non-hazardous testing occurs on-site at the Edgewood and Rock Island test sites. ECBC Engineering’s testing facilities are capable of testing for a large variety of packaging concerns, and tests are designed to subject packages to a sequence of anticipated hazard elements experienced during a military distribution cycle.



  • Air and surface transport simulation
  • Prototype and pre- and post-production testing
  • Surveillance and re-design specification development
  • Specialized test plan development
  • Packaging, shock, manual/mechanical handling and warehouse and vehicle stacking tests
  • Loose and secured load transportation vibration
  • Video for test documentation
  • Temperature conditioning
  • Package conformance testing



  • Low and high frequency vibration and multiple axis simulation tables
  • Tension compression, hydrostatic, compression, helium mass spectrometer leak, package leak and USON vacuum leak testers
  • Incline plane
  • A-frame hoist with drop test release mechanism
  • 6’ and 5’ drop tester and side impact and compression testers
  • Temperature, rain and humidity environmental chambers
  • Loose cargo transportation simulator