ECBC Engineering Tests CB solutions

Test Capabilities



Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (ECBC) Engineering has the expertise and infrastructure to test product performance in surety and non-surety environments. Engineering’s unique chemical agent facilities and highly skilled personnel test products against a variety of dangerous and toxic compounds. Engineering conducts non-surety product testing in accordance with MIL-STD and ASTM standards. Representative test environments are created to allow user interface for the purposes of logistics demonstrations, human factor evaluations and proper equipment employment. Engineering offers a full range of test services for non Department of Defense entities under test service agreements (TSA). These TSAs can be used to evaluate commercial and military equipment. Results from the tests are provided to the design team for continuous product improvement.

Mission: Conduct Chemical Biological commodity area lifecycle testing, including technology development, in support of engineering and manufacturing development and production.

Core Competency: Hands-on chemical warfare agents, novel threat agents, toxic industrial chemical and simulant testing.

Capability: Bench scale to systems testing in a laboratory, chamber and range setting. Individual and collective protection, contamination avoidance and decontamination materials, component and systems testing.

Customer Base: Joint Program Executive Office for CB Defense, Joint Project Managers, Product Director Test Equipment Strategy and Support, Joint Science and Technology Office, First Responder entities and the chemical biological defense private sector.


Chemical Warfare Agents, Novel Threat Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals


Agent Simulant Testing


Materials Testing