Advanced CBRNE Training Team

The U.S. Army's Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) has established an Advanced Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Training Program to provide a direct relationship between ECBC's subject matter experts and customers.

This unique relationship allows the scientist and engineer to share their knowledge, experience and expert talents through classroom, hands-on exercises and reachback programs. The Advanced CBRNE Training Team can design a program that will meet a group’s specific mission requirements and objectives.

Training at ECBC

  • A private neighborhood setting to a special training facility
  • Actual CB production equipment
    • CBRNE Clandestine Labs
  • CB Targets go in range from clandestine sites to pilot plant
  • Pool of SME Instructors from ECBC and other tenant organizations
    • USAPHC
    • Other DoD Assets

Customized Training

  • Objective based courses established by customer mission
  • Site Assessment Courses
  • Detection and Sampling Training
  • Small Scale Hands-on Construction
  • Field Training Excercises
  • Advanced Sampling Classes

Course topics offered by Advanced CBRNE Training Team

Courses are offered by individual request for military units, teams and/or groups, and are not intended for individual instruction. Please contact the Training Team for a customized proposal supporting your mission and individual needs. Availability of classes will coincide with the Advanced CBRNE Training Team Master Schedule.

  • Basic Chemistry and Biology for CBRN Responders
  • Advanced Chemistry and Biology Concepts
  • Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Small Scale Chemical and Biological Production
  • Chemical and Biological Detection and Identification
  • Chemical and Biological Target Recognition and Exploitation
  • Advanced Chemical and Biological Sampling
  • Chemistry of Explosives
  • High Energetic Chemical Detection
  • Comparison of Chemical and Biological Agent, High Energetic Material, and Illicit Drug Production
  • Large Scale Chemical and Biological Facilities
  • Emerging Threats

Interested? Email the Training Team for more information